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Subject: Prom and Graduation Awareness Letter   
Dear Partner,  
In an effort to educate parents and students regarding safety concerns that arise from the prom and graduation season, I have drafted a letter outlining several key safety points. In joining with the Sanilac County Underage Drinking Initiative and the school assembly focused Think First Program, we are setting out to educate and prevent tragic loss during this season of celebration. To assist in this endeavor of prevention, would you please partner with us by distributing this letter to high school students to help make the 2015 prom and graduation season a safe and successful one.   
Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.   
Yours in safety,     
Garry M. Biniecki Sheriff of Sanilac County      
SANILAC COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE 65 North Elk Street        Sandusky, Michigan   48471 Office: (810) 648-2000    Fax: (810) 648-5162     Emergency: 9-1-1       Garry M. Biniecki              Bradley A. Roff           SHERIFF                   UNDERSHERIFF March 30, 2015  
Dear Parents & Students,  With the arrival of springtime, also begins the festivities of proms, graduations, and open-houses for the Sanilac County communities.  While these events can be joyous and exciting, they can also be the most devastating.  For parents, the primary prom-related concerns are the risky behaviors associated with driving under the influence of alcohol.  Prom night can often be linked with drunken-driving injuries and deaths. With your help we have recognized a drastic reduction over the past several years. Again, I would like to make safety awareness the foremost factor during these events.    Listed below is a checklist for you and your teen(s) to discuss, so both parents and students will have a mutual understanding of safety precautions and responsibilities during these events:   • Know who will be driving; Is your teen driving or someone else; accentuate the importance of the responsibility the driver has undertaken. • If your teen is driving; Keep a list of names & phone numbers of each passenger, along with names & addresses of all parents; discuss with your child the importance of keeping focused on the traffic and to steer the vehicle with both hands.   • Insist the radio be kept at a low volume to minimize distractions for the driver. • Require all passengers to buckle-up their seatbelt, seatbelts do save lives and this is a Law not a request, a citation will be issued if ignored. • Have the location of the prom & any addresses of after-parties your child plans to attend. • Discuss the dangers of drinking & driving while under the influence and don’t be vague, teen drivers are involved in more than five  (5) times as many fatal crashes as adults, also the Zero Intolerance Law will be strictly enforced by Law Enforcement.   • Discuss with your teen how to handle difficult situations such as; Being offered a ride by an intoxicated driver; offered alcohol or drugs; or pressured to have sex; emphasize the need for your child to make good decisions. • Advise your teen you will be available at any time they need help; This include.


Friday NOVEMBER 17, 2017


Events for Friday:   


Practice Schedule for Wednesday:     Varsity Girls Basketball 5:30-7:30pm HS Gym

       JV Girls Basketball 5:30-7:30pm Multi-Purpose Gym

       Varsity Boys Basketball 3:30-5:30pm HS Gym

       JV Boys Basketball 5:30-7:30pm Elementary Gym

       JH Girls Basketball 3:30-5:30pm Elementary Gym





Quote of the day:  “The true test of a person’s character is what they do when no one is watching.”


Random Fact:  Porcupines float on water.



Juniors and Seniors interested in any of these college visitations, please sign up in the counselor’s office:

Douglas J Aveda – Nov. 28th (12:30-1pm)


There is a sign-up sheet in the office for those students in grades 9-12 interested in trying out for the Brown City Bowling Teams.


Reminder to Football Players-The weight room is open Tuesdays and Thursdays both before school at 6:45am, and after school at 3:30pm. Select which time works for your schedule and make sure you attend.


Class of 2019-please pay your class dues of $10 to an officer by the end of November.  They are: Amethyst Millsap, Whitley Blake, Sarah Woodall, Megan Vislosky and Faith Gleasure. Thank You!


NHS Members: You have been asked to record your total hours as of November 1st.  The chart is hanging on Mrs. Blake’s classroom door.  To date many have not been recorded.  Probationary letters will be sent out over Thanksgiving Break, for those under 4 hours.


We are in need of High School Wrestlers!  If you are interested in joining the team please see Mrs. Blake, Mr. Metzger or just show up for practice.  Practice is after school in the cafeteria. 


Seniors: Are you looking for scholarships? Check out the list on Ms. Balcer’s door.  There are scholarships descriptions and directions on how to apply.  The list will be updated every week.


The annual change competition is coming so start saving your change!  It will take place the week of December 3-8 in your 5th hour classes with all proceeds going to Brown City families in need.


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